Get the Money that You Deserve

Whether you are receiving payment for a major surgical procedure or a minor, it is important that you get paid for your services. With help from A2Z Precise Medical Billing Services, you don’t have to worry about rejected claims, delayed payments or billing and coding issues. We will work with insurance companies to help you get what you are owed.

We Specialized in Rejected Claims

We specialize in working through rejected claims at A2Z Precise Medical Billing Services. We have a 0% rejection policy – meaning that we don’t have any rejections- and will advocate for your practice to ensure that you are paid for your services. If any providers have rejected claims, we have the expertise to take care of those claims. It is easy to do the clean claim, but once the claim is rejected, it takes time to fix them – it’s a whole new process. You have to find out what went wrong and call the insurance companies, and some insurance companies don’t give you very much time to fix the claim – so time and expertise are important.

Most often, the rejected claims are found at the doctor’s office when in-house billers are doing the job because they don’t have the time to fix them; they’re often busy with other duties like scheduling or picking up the phones. That’s why doctors consider the rejected billing as accounts receivable or dead money and are willing to pay higher percentages on the collectable if someone is willing to collect for them. Hospitals can also utilize our services for their rejected claims. Thankfully, we’re here to help you with all of your rejected claims.

Maximize Your Reimbursements 

Our experienced team can help you maximize your reimbursements without you having to lift a finger. We are experts in troubleshooting medical billing and coding issues. Contact us today to find out how we can do free Credentialing, and free Security Risk Assessment and experience our various specialties.